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Fine Bloom, produced by KC Groves and engineered and recorded by Aaron Youngberg at Swingfingers Studios in Ft. Collins, CO features 13 original tunes of Free the Honey's signature free-flowing vintage folk, jazz and gospel aesthetic, embodied by delicately soaring three–part harmonies, dedicated musicianship and whip-smart place-based songwriting drawn from the deep well of feminine experience and indelible ties to home, community, and nature. 

 "The album shows a young group precisely playing music rooted in centuries ago styles, but with a relaxed approachability that makes it seem as if they’ve been at this for decades." - Marquee Magazine


"I knew when I heard the first notes played by this fine band that they were a force to be reckoned with.   Brimming with talent, there's no limit to what these talented young musicians can accomplish.  I am proud to have produced their first full length studio album and am confident it will find its way into the hearts of bluegrass, old-time, swing and folk fans nation wide." - K.C. Groves

Come up to the Mountain, made of real, stripped-down vocal harmonies that hauntingly recreate old spirituals sung alongside the riverbed.” - Colorado Central Magazine


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iTunes:       https://itun.es/us/E3zC9


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-Free the Honey


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